Pure Butter Oil. None Of The Dairy.

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Ghee, As It Should Be.

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Full Circle Ghee offers unparalleled quality, flavor, and nutrition. We only source pasture raised butter from California ensuring you get the best quality, nutrient density, and flavor in your ghee.

We're Coming Full Circle!

Our ancestors knew what was good for us and what was good for the environment.

Full Circle Ghee is here to bring those principles back to the modern kitchen.

What Makes Us Different

We love our customers!

OMG- found it at the Palm Springs market and am obsessed!

Jaclyn from CA

I used to buy your ghee every week at the farmers’ market. I’ve missed it so much since I’ve moved. I am so grateful to be able to order it. Thank you!

Lauren from NM

I love your products and their lovely scent reminds me of home- my favorite ghee and browned butter!

Shabnam from AZ