Our Commitment to Ghee

Full Circle Ghee is grounded in the understanding that foods our ancestors consumed were better for our health, tasted great, were minimally processed, and better for the environment. In the last century our modern approach to food shifted to contain fake ingredients, no flavor, too little nutritional value, and is slowly destroying our health and environment. We value the tradition of making food without the use of unnecessary processing; starting with the highest quality ingredients and producing products that taste absolutely amazing and make you feel that way too. Here's how we’re bringing our food full circle to the way it should be!



We source the highest quality ingredients from farms that are adhering to production methods that seek to build up the environment instead of degrading it. 

The butter we use to make Full Circle Ghee is our top priority; we choose butter representing the gold standard and never sacrifice when choosing the best quality for our products and customers. Our butter comes from farms in California that exclusively feed their cows a diet of grass grown on the property where the cows enjoy the open pasture for their food. The grasses they consume are naturally occurring pasture grasses like clover that provide them with the food necessary to be in pristine health; when cows are healthy they don’t need hormones to maintain their vitality.


Nutrient Density as a hallmark of quality. 

The pasture based diet also provides us humans with the highest nutrient density from their milk. Grass- fed and pasture raised cows have higher concentrations of fat-soluble nutrients: Vitamins A, D, E, K, Omega-3’s, Butyric Acid, and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). Pasture based cows are environmentally better than cows raised in feeding pens and confined spaces as they encourage topsoil growth while helping to maintain soil ecology. Simply put, cows on open pasture actually help land to restore and regenerate itself instead of draining their resources while ultimately being their best cow selves. 


All our ghee is produced in small batches, exclusively by hand from start to finish.

Our methods draw inspiration from previous generations that understood the value of hand making products with quality and craft as the guiding light. This method helps keep our focus on making the highest quality ghee available and means every batch of Full Circle Ghee represents our values. Making our ghee by hand also serves to have the most control over our process and ensures our quality standards. You can truly taste the care and love that goes into each jar.


Flavor! Flavor! Flavor!

When something has been made for hundreds of years it’s best to not reinvent the wheel. Making ghee is deceptively simple, and what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in flavor! We make ghee that is so delicious, you could eat it with a spoon and some people do! From the caramelized and slightly nutty flavors of our Traditional to our own proprietary blends for the Infused ghee our products are made for flavor.