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Best product!

So good, so flavorful, and supports a small business! Will be buying this product on a regular basis from now on!

Vanilla Bean Ghee
margy klyce
Vanilla Ghee done well

Vanilla ghee is great. Very convenient to use is spread, recipes. Done well, tastes great.

Browned Butter Ghee
Valerie Hillhouse

Flavorful! It’s an easy way to make everything a little more yummy. I love the variety of flavors of ghee that are available.

Heavenly smell of home!

It's been years since I've been buying my ghee at Full Circle. They are the best. I am from Iran and ghee is a very important ingredient of the legendary Persian cuisine. When I cook with the Full Circle's Ghee, its wonderful smell and taste remind me of home....

Mediterranean Herb
Janelle Farnsworth

When I tell you this ghee has ruined my life, it is because I literally cannot live without it. The herbed ghee on toasted sourdough bread is INSANE. The vanilla ghee in my pour over coffee is OUT OF THIS WORLD. This ghee has changed so many dishes for me. 5 stars!!! Highly recommend!

Traditional Ghee
Summer Barry
Best ghee I’ve ever had

Honestly, I wasn’t even a huge fan of ghee before discovering Full Circle. It has changed the way I cook. love using it for scrambled eggs or grilled veggies. This is my new go to.

Browned Butter Ghee
Miranda Terry
Best Ghee ever!

This is literally the best ghee I have ever had! Everyone in the family loves it! Tastes like heaven!

Traditional Ghee
Jennifer Anderson
The VERY best!!!

I am totally obsessed with Full Circle Ghee! I use it in all my cooking, and we even melt it and put on popcorn instead of butter! I keep a spare on hand so I won’t ever run out!!!

Ghee lover!

Because of Full Circle my love for cooking with ghee has become an everyday occurrence! I enjoy the Mediterranean favor, it truly brings magically flavors into your meal. The traditional flavor is perfect for everyday! I highly recommend both!

Traditional Ghee
Pam Augusta
Traditional Ghee butter

I really like this butter because it is healthy. I put it mostly on my popcorn and sometimes cook with it.

Mediterranean Herb
SNWP from AZ

Just taking in the aroma when you open the jar transports you to another place! It is rich, a little earthy and BURSTING with fresh herb color and AMAZING flavor. I use it on and in so many dishes and also love to smear a little on sourdough with a glass of wine! The quality of this ghee is hands down my favorite ever!

Must purchase!

My husband and I have been using Full Circle Ghee for a couple months now - and we will never turn back! It’s so pure and tasty - nothing like it on the shelves. So do yourself a favor and purchase all of the delicious options! You won’t regret it!

Browned Butter Ghee
Brenda Kluemper

I found this product several years ago and have been using it ever since. The quality is excellent, and I especially appreciate having it shipped to me.

great with shrimp

I saute shrimp (with shells removed) in Mediterranean Ghee and serve it and the ghee over cooked fresh pasta. My husband and my friends rave about how good this is. It is also a very quick dinner good enough to serve to guests. I highly recommend this ghee.

Excellent Ghee

We love this ghee as it’s a versatile product around the kitchen for cooking, mixing, adding to drinks, replacement for butter etc.

Even better our kids love it. Great product, even better company, and fantastic taste. I couldn’t recommend it more highly!

Browned Butter Like No Other

As a man who prides himself on building flavor into foods, it’s hard to beat this ghee combo. Like Pippen to Jordan or Robin to Batman, this ghee in or with some of my favorite dishes can’t be beat. Never lost! Buy it

Hands Down Best Ghee

This is my go-to ghee for ALL my cooking needs. There’s truly no better ghee in the biz! I use this sh*t for everything.

Smells and Tastes amazing

Like ghee but sweeter and more decadent! I love this one with sage and ricotta ravioli. Also, put this brown butter ghee in your morning coffee. No need for sugar!

Curry fans - this one is for you!

The flavor in this ghee is so amazing. I’ve never tried ghee from a company whose flavored ghee is as pungent and delicious as Full Circle Ghee. This one smells and tastes amazing.

This ghee smells and tastes so good!

This ghee smells like you just opened the oven to pull out a fresh batch of garlic bread. Cooking with it is so nice because it will flavor your food for you! Their blend of Mediterranean herbs is so pungent and delicious.

Best Tasting Ghee

This ghee is amazing! I have tried several other brands, and they really don’t live up to their claims that ghee is as delicious as it is good for you. Full Circle Ghee is healthy and tastes amazing! I use this ghee for so many things. Scrambling eggs, making steak, sautéing veggies. This is the OG and it is delicious.

Best-Tasting Ghee!

I discovered this ghee at the Orange Homegrown Farmers Market while doing my 2nd round of Whole30. It quickly became a game changer when cooking all of my meals. It packed a flavor punch always ensuring taste and hunger satisfaction. I seek it out every time I do a reset and recommend it to EVERYONE!

Traditional Ghee
Nicole Russell
The Best Ghee Ever!

Discovered this brand at the Atwater Farmer's Market, and have become addicted. It's amazing on toast, for cooking, anything you can think of. The quality is consistent & super high quality.