Curried Smashed Potatoes

There is nothing more delicious than fried potatoes! I said it. Fight me all you want, but we all know that deliciously fried potatoes make the world go ‘round, and will make even the pickiest eaters happy- that’s a win-win!

You’ve probably seen this preparation before, and I really enjoy it because of the texture of the crag-like edges. They get a particularly striking crispiness that is pleasantly delicious. This recipe is kind of a hybrid between a french fry and a boiled potato, and the results are easy to obtain, and will be a welcome preparation at your table. 



  1. Boil some moderately salted water. Meanwhile, wash and scrub your potatoes. 
  2. Put potatoes in the water and boil until fork tender. You’re looking for just a slight resistance when you put in the fork. A reminder that we’re not making mashed potatoes so avoid boiling the crap out of them. You want there to be a little give to them, so you can smash them easily, and also so that they won’t turn to mush when you fry them.
  3. When the proper doneness is achieved, drain from the water and place on a clean plate or cutting board to cool slightly. 
  4. After cooling for about 10 minutes they should be easy to handle. Working one-by-one, smash the potatoes using something with a flat bottom- spatula, bottom of a mason jar, a bacon press, whatever you have that is flat and can allow you to measure the pressure you apply. Press the potatoes so they lay ½ inch flat. The edges should creep out and they should look like, well, smashed potatoes.
  5. Salt the smashed potatoes. In a saute pan, set to Medium-High, heat a couple tablespoons of Full Circle Ghee Curry Spice and let it warm and liquify. For a different take on them, you can use a Traditional or Mediterranean Herb to change up their flavor. 
  6. Add potatoes salted side down and cook until edges and bottoms have some color- about 5 minutes. Flip them once the potatoes are sufficiently crispy. 
  7. Cook on the other side for an additional 5 minutes, or until crispy. *If the pan is looking a little dry, don’t be afraid to add some more ghee. Potatoes are thirsty, and require a sufficient amount of fat to thoroughly crisp.
  8. Once they are thoroughly crisped, sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve. 
  9. Ketchup is arguably a potato’s best friend, however, a red mojo sauce or a patata brava sauce would treat these well! Your potato, your vibe!

The only trick/suggestion I offer from this recipe is to get the pan nice and hot with the ghee. If your pan is too low those potatoes will not crisp properly and will take a little longer than expected.

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